The Most Expensive Antique Ferraris

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Ferraris have been the most desired cars across the world. What makes them the very desired cars is their performance and their looks at the same time. Though they are not some cheap  cars and can only be afforded by a few minority still people buy these cars and keep them with their fullest care possible. In this post you will be witnessing 10 of the most expensive Ferraris from 1959 to 1962. These cars are the choice of the world richest persons who have spent millions of dollars in order to acquire these cars.

We feel obliged to share with you the list of these 10 most fascinating cars that would make you desire them even when there are far better cars available.


In 1962,  Ferrari 250GTO coupe was valued and bought for $38,115,000 (Bonhams)

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This model of 1964 Ferrari 275GTB/C Speciale coupe was sold for $26,400,000 (RM Auctions)


This million dollar car back in 1961, known as Ferrari 250GT California SWB Spider (closed headlight) was sold for $15,180,000 (Gooding)

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It was the year 1964 when Ferrari 250LM coupe was bought against $11,550,000 (RM Auctions)


The latest and charismatic model of 1967 of Ferrari 275GTB/4 coupe was sold for $10,175,000 (RM Auctions)

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Ferrari 250MM coupe in 1953 was sold for $7,260,000 (Bonhams)

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Ford GT40 prototype roadster in 1965 was sold for $6,930,000 (RM Auctions)

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Ferrari 250GT SWB Speciale Aerodinamica coupe 1962 model was sold for $6,875,000 (Bonhams)

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In 1958 the model of Ferrari,  250GT Series 1 cabriolet (closed headlight) was valued a $6,820,000 (Bonhams)

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In 1959 Ferrari 250GT Series 1 cabriolet (open headlight) was auctioned for $5,610,000 (Gooding)


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