Japanese Cars vs. American Cars – The Battle Continues…


One of the thing which people always want to know and understand is the fact that Japanese automotive industry leading from heavy margin or not? Consumers for this particular industry are usually brand follower and loyal, they do not prefer to opt for any other brand rather prefers to upgrade the model or prefer any other car with the same brand. Mostly not all follow the same trend but majority of the people does in fact the one’s who cannot afford to buy a new one goes for used car auctions or car dealers. It would not be wrong to say that this particular industry mostly depend upon loyalty of the consumer and affection with the car. Car passionate in any country is basically an admirer of a car rather than a driver. As a part of humor most of the men says that car is their first wife, which clearly shows how most of the men are mad about cars.

Japanese Car Makers’ Dominant Edge



Japanese car industry with more brands and leading names worldwide has an edge over American automotive industry. American cars have overall good reputation within the States and meets all the requirement of consumers yet there has been a little gap which majority feels that Japanese brands have fulfilled. People depend on Japanese cars as they are easily maintained, cost effective in case of damages and dents on car body. People in United States depend on foreign cars and not a high percentage goes for local.

Usually American cars are luxury and cost effective in terms of maintenance or fuel which cannot be fulfilled easily. People in gulf (Middle East) are the one who prefer having luxury cars as the prices for fuel over there are comparatively low as compare to United States. But same situation is in gulf countries as not more than 40% populations prefer to have luxury Americans car and most of the inhabitants prefer to opt Japanese sedans. For their smoothness, reliability and same factors in lesser cost and easily maintainable convenience.

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