Keep your used car, a healthy car

So, now you just bought your car, and you have been driving it for a while. Whether it’s a used car, or a brand new car, you have been thinking about the maintenance schedule, and you are wondering, what you need to do next in order to keep your vehicle in good health.

Well, if you aren’t wondering about the maintenance schedule, it may be a great idea to look into it. Mainly because if you neglect your car, like anything else, it will rot, and can give a lot more than trouble to you while moving with the family or friends. You never want to embarrass yourself with your beloved car for something that could have been stopped. Let’s take a look at my cars.

I have seen many cars with done mileage of over 200,000 km but the car remains sound conditioned and running fine. There is one car I want to mention which was a Honda Accord 1989, was in my use for many years. The car was used by me to commute to the college and to my work. The car had done over 250,000 km that is over 150,000 miles and I never regret to own that car despite the expenses were heavy on my pocket because of low fuel mileage but the car was reliable to get driven without any hesitation. I had used the car for years where I would personally take the car for scheduled inspection to the mechanic and given the necessary treatment as and when required. I sold the car last year to one of my colleague therefore I have the regular update on the car from him and it amazed me that the car is running good still.

Moral of the story, do regular maintenance on your car, and it could last you for years.

So just keep this general schedule in mind next time you take your car out, look at your odometer, and keep track of your maintenance schedule for your car. This is a general schedule, but it may change depending on the climate, and conditions of the roads etc.

Frequently – Inspect Lights, Tire Pressure, Engine Oil Level, and all other fluids (including battery fluid). Clean the interior and exterior of the car. A neat and tidy carpets inside are good for the air-conditioning as it doesn’t choke the a/c filter.

Every 3 Months/ 5,000 km – Change the Oil and Oil Filter, and lubricate the chassis. Inspect the belts and hoses.  Inspect and replace the air filter as necessary.

Every 10,000 km – Tire rotation, brake inspection.

Every 40,000 km – Replace the fuel filter, and get your transmission serviced. Check wheel alignment. Replace the spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Every 60,000 km – Flush the cooling system, and inspect the ignition system, wiring system, engine assembly and suspensions.


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