How to Be Happy With Your Car

Desires, every body is after chasing their desires not realizing the fact that they are not on the driving seat of their own life rather they are being driven by their desires. The results are pretty apparent by the way people behave in their daily life as how they are being driven by their wishes circle but still not happy at all, busy making ends meet and keeping up with the trends and feeling peer pressure at the expense of their own happiness. I mean, how can you really be happy when have no control over your own self, who are you in search of impressing, ones who don’t even care and are themselves worried about their own status or reputation, if you think people care what you have or do, then you are mistaken. They, themselves are very puzzled and very anxious about the same things that are bothering you.

The reason why people have gotten this sickness of feeling the need of having to fulfill their desires is mainly because they have this perception that in order for them live and lead a happy life one needs to have whatever he longs for, but the fact of the matter is, there’s no limit or end to your desires, you cannot go after chasing an unchaseable thing since it highly impossible for you to win an opponent who is not even present in the ring with you, one that is far beyond your reach which basically means there’s no competition, guess what there’s no winning.

Let’s link what we discussed above with you being unhappy with your car. This article will only sound interesting to you when you too, like others, are unhappy with the type or brand of cars they posses. If you happen to be one of those then, read through as we try our best to make you realize that what you possess is the best and is the very car that you needed the most in the present times, however, nowhere we are suggesting that you should not be willing to acquire a better one, what we mean here is that wishing for something you don’t own and feeling unhappy with what you do have sounds very illogical. However, the right approach is, wishing for the best one and loving the one in hand and being grateful for it.



Think the time how you were dying for this car you have now, have you forgotten the first you bought, how you drove it to everyone’s houses and showed your car to them but what happened now, you lost the love for it. Then, bear this in mind, same way you will lose love for the one you are desiring for.


Take a note of all the positive aspects of your car, its beauty, interior or exterior and so on.


Did you even bother asking to your own self, how buying a fancy, faster and sporty car would do for you?


Take a note of all the possibilities of having a car that is beautiful and expensive, such as its being stolen, it’s crashing into something and so on.



Not every one can afford a beautiful car but everyone can beautiful their cars according to their needs and demand.


Depending upon the law of your district you can choose  for a cheap manual spray or neons.


what we can relate to is the thing we are most likely to be in love with which is why a car owned by you, if given name by you, can be the very cause that can make you love your car. That’s why name the things you own.


Pictures used in this post are the cour

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