Google lobbies to test self-driving cars in Matrix-style virtual world


Google announced its project of self driving cars some just some years ago and ever since then has been actively developing and testing its self-driving car project. The driver of these cars will basically be software which engineers from Google Inc have developed especially for this self-driving cars project. The cars, just by pressing the “Go” button will, the car can be started A Google self-driving car on the real streets of Mountain View, California, in May.and be given a destination and it will take you there without your having to drive it actually.

The issue is not whether Google would be successful in developing it or not, because Google has already proven that, rather the real matter is whether, the government would legalize cars which will be driven only just by some written codes which can fail during their operation.

 Self-driven cars are highly dependent upon artificial intelligence which will take a long way to perfect just as they are expected to until then it will remain an issue for companies who are busy developing robotic things.

 Cars which people drive are found to be a cause of various accidents that take place on a large scale in every part of the world; just a little careless driving can even take the life of a human being.image

Since driving which is done by human being themselves, can involve a greater risk of accidents or loss of lives which is what makes it a great challenge for Google and this the only concern that the government has against these self-driving cars.

For gaining full confidence over these self-driving cars, Google has actually invested a huge amount of money in building a digital stimulation of the entire California road system where these self-driving cars would be put into real life road condition to checkout every possible mishap and how the cars would tackle such situations. These cars actually have driven over 4 million miles inside in which they had to face various real life challenges that one encounters on daily basis and the car has proven well to be capable enough to drive in the real road traffic.

 The purpose of this extensive stimulation is lobbying the state’s regulators in order to get the certification from them for robotic cars to be legalized as virtual cars not as real driving ones. The building of this big and massive stimulation and the other measures that the company has taken are the very proofs that show how serious Google is at its self-driving cars, this determination of the tech company isimages the very reason what makes many people believe that the time when cars driving themselves is not far away.

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