Unsold Cars Increasing In Number


Recently there has come out amazing news related to cars and their manufacturers that most of the buyers worldwide have basically stopped buying new cars. Buyers tend to buy old cars rather than buying new ones so that they could get their desired car with less money which helps them saving some at the same time. But this old cars demand worldwide has basically become a threat to the world renowned car manufacturers in a way that their newly manufactured cars are parked in very large numbers and are getting old since it is not easy for the manufactures to maintain the cars in such a high number, as a matter of fact their maintenance would cost them a high amount of money, on the other hand they are also having to buy land for the parking of their unsold cars which is increasing every year. Thousands of cars are being manufactured on weekly or monthly basis whereas not many of them are being sold; this is one of the major reason why the number of unsold cars is ever increasing in this fast paced world.

Now the mentality of global car buyers has basically shifted from “buying and Using” to “Using with just no buying”. People with average salaries find it very hard to run their household successfully, how can they be expected to make new car purchases. Now, the only class buying new cars is the rich class which happens to be in minority, as for the middle or lower class, they happen to be in a large number, their priority is not to buy a new car rather their it is to buy a car that comes under their budget.

Let us go further with this story and share with you that the number of unsold cars has increased to a very high degree that manufacturers have no place to park them. The below illustrations show give you an idea as how many unsold car there are in the world.

 which maybe because of the bad economy




cars 2

cars 3

cars 5

cars 6












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