Which Footballers Has The Most Expensive Cars ?

Hey guys! enjoying the football world Cup? well, you must be as we are happening to witness loads of interesting events within the tournament. As you would know that football is the only game which is liked by billions of people all around the world. Keeping the on going football tournament in to consideration, We thought why not give you some football related information and as we were searching for the burning topic, we thought why not share with you the cars that are owned by world renowned footballers.

Let’s learn about the brand, model and worth of the cars owned by world famous footballers.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Being one of most successful football of the decade, Cristiano Ronaldo owns LaFerrari 2014 Model, a car worth £2Million.


2. El Hadji Diouf owns a The Mercedes-Benz SLR that is a car worth £420,000

el hadji diouf mercedes benz slr mclaren

3. David Becham is also one of the highly successful footballer who owns Rolls Royce Phantom that costs £350,000

david beckham rolls royce phantom

4.Obafami Martins owns Lamborghini N50M that is worth £250,000

Obafami Martins - (N50M Lamborghini)

5.Frank Lampard also owns one of the most expensive cars on earth, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti that costs  £200,000

Frank Lampard - (Ferrari 612 Scaglietti)

6. Jermaine Pennant owns Chrome Aston Martin DBS that is worth £170,000

Jermaine Pennant (Chrome Aston Martin DBS)

7.Wayne Rooney owns Aston Martin Vanquish S costing £150,000

Wayne Rooney - (Aston Martin Vanquish S)

8.Didier Drogba has got Mercedes SL65-AMG that is worth £150,000

Didier Drogba - (Mercedes SL65-AMG)

9. Arda Turan owns SLS AMG, a model of Mercedese Benz worth £145,000.

Arda Turan (Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG)

10. Nani owns Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 that is worth £137,000

Nani (Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2)



The imaged used in this picture are inspired by http://thejetstream-thejetstreamofsuccess.com/the-jetstream/footballers-expensive-cars/

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Did You Know What These Famous Cars are named After?

old cars

The car giants with prominent and unique names have an interesting and more often funny stories for what they are named after. Today you will find why exactly they are named the way they are now.

Volkswagen LogoIt will be really fascinating to know how cars like Volkswagen means “people’s car” in Deutsch / German. Origins of world’s top purchased cars and brand will surely excite you.


Have you ever wondered that Corvette is named with an inspiration of a warship of French Navy back in 1670’s.

Jeep-logoWhile how many time we use the word Jeep for four wheeler and it was actually meant for GP which says (for Government Purposes or General Purposes) which later slurred into jeep.


The famous auto maker Pontiac Buggy Co. was in the business of making wagons before they assembled and designed cars. The Pontiac was based in Michigan and it is named after the City. Not just automobile manufacturers but several Japanese and Chinese tire makers has also followed the same path in deriving name from events and incidents. The Japanese automobile in particular has a huge list of it.

subaru logoSubaru a Japanese automobile company and the name is for the Pleiades star cluster found in its logo. While everyone’s favorite Toyota is also not off the league and the name is taken from its Founder’s name Kiichiro Toyoda, as first it was Toyoda but later due to East Asian culture it was renamed to Toyota because in Kanji it was lucky with 8 strokes in text. Honda motors another Japanese automobile giant has a deep history as well and the name is taken from none other than the father and founder of the company.

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17 Vintage Wedding Getaway Cars

Automobiles are no more just a means of transportation rather they have become something like a family member to people worldwide. As they relate to their family members more in the same way they relate to their automobiles or cars whatever you call it or name it. Since people consider cars to be as one of their family members, they like to be taken a picture of theirs with it at the same time which is why many people in order to add a special touch to their photos include their car in them.

For those who do not possess cars, Vintage car rental companies are offering these services of renting classical cars for the special occasion in which you want to add more charm by making an impression on others. Vintage cars add special meaning to your photo and can prove to be somewhat impressive at the same time and if we talk about wedding they can add  in a tremendous alluring ambiance.  I have found some ecstatic photos depicting the true beauty these vintage cars can add to a wedding ceremony.

Image Credits: http://www.praisewedding.com/archives/2214


I hope you would love them too 🙂 they are simply marvelous and alluring. Stay tuned to Kansai for more informative and beautiful updates on automotive industry.



Top 5 Most Stolen Cars

Car is one of the most stolen things all around the world the reason of which can be that the owner has to leave it in the parking area since it cannot be carried with the owner! It has to be parked somewhere and this parking thing becomes the most suitable situation for car thieves. Furthermore, if you try to find out the rate of the place from where the cars are stolen you would notice that it is mainly from parking lots. Now cars are only stolen when the owners are not around and the thief making the most this moment, runs away stealing their cars.

Again, not every car is a favorite to thieves, it is the value of the car that determines whether it has a higher probability of being stolen or not. Car with more value tend to be stolen more than average cost cars. Now which company and model has the highest rate of stolen cars? Well, according to research done by LoJack, Honda accord is considered to be the most stolen car, since Honda Accord is a mid range but a better car, it has actually become the choice of thieves worldwide.

LoJack, is basically a vehicle tracking service providing company that has come with the statistics that over worth of $121 million cars were recovered in 2013 only, one of these recovered car was Porsche Panamera which is an expensive car valuing at $103,400.


Infographic for Khanzai

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