Chevrolet corvette Stingray named “North American Car of the year”


Za Za Zoo! Sleek and chic in shape, all the power to drive you crazy, Sparkly eyes and the one to take in public with holding a high head. You think I am talking about Ketty Perry? Of course………… No. It’s Chevrolet’s very own Corvette Stingray (C7) the award grabbing child of the GM breed.

Every year the prestigious North American Car/Truck of The Year are organized to celebrate and respect the latest efforts in auto industry US & Canada (Majorly). Awarding Organization is being considered the most sorted and authentic; comprises of jury of 49 auto journalists from all forms of media.

corvette stingray 427 Mild

General Motors took the challenge of tearing the label of “Old Man’s Car” from the Corvette. Though it’s been used by beefy Indiana police at least a dozen times as a pace car but still youngsters are not convinced. To be the choice of generation Stingray C7 is introduced with a crisper and angular look. To influence the young crowd it was also featured in squeals of Transformers.

This beast can reach up to the speed of 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds with a 455 horsepower at 6000 RMP and 465 lb-ft of torques, surely not an old man wishes to fly this high.


Convertible body with sporty color sheds of red and grey, Fiber exterior body parts will make it a jaw dropping object for every sports car lover. All in all it’s a justified choice of jury which definitely made it an irrevocable pick. From a concept car to reality General Motors lived up to their dreams.

11 Mind Blowing Facts About Cars!


I have brought some mind blowing facts for my readers, and off course its about cars! hope you guys would find it good too.














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The Mazda MX-5 is now officially a Japanese Nostalgic Car


It has been 25 years since the first Mazda MX-5 Miata was introduced by the company and ever since its launch back in 1989, the car has been very popular in all over the world and proven to be a success of the Japanese car makers. Mazda has been reported to be showing its 15 favorite MX-Vehicles in a show being held in USA, This year’s MX-Vehicles birthday party is going be the biggest of all the previous ones and will take place at New York Auto Show. Mazda, being a prominent car manufacturer have introduced various cars in its MX Series.

12 11 10

The president and the CEO of Mazda, Jim O’ Sullivan has been reported to have said, “The MX-5 Miata is the quintessential Mazda,” and “And after 25 years, every vehicle in the lineup continues to feature some characteristic of MX-5: a fluid shifter, lightness on its feet, quickness around a corner, a fun-to-drive DNA. With all the whiz-bang technology and comfort amenities increasingly added to modern vehicles, MX-5’s direct connection between car and driver still remains the standard feature that puts smiles on drivers’ faces.”

8 7 6

We feel proud to have been awarded this opportunity by Mazda to photograph company’s very first Miatas. The company surprised all the automotive industry at the 1989 Chicago Auto Show by introducing the type of sport cars that were never seen before, company presented four different fully colorful little roadsters in red, blue and white and later the same year in Silver Stone Metallic which in reality amazed the world.

5 4

The time Miata was launched the car had always had enough potential to beat its competitors because of the its unique design and infrastructure and the best suitability as racing car. Designing a car with such powerful features was never too easy for the company, but Hall dedication and work is the reason that brought favorable results.


However,  a perfect storm of variable is required in order for car or any other type of automobile since its creation and designing has a lot of complexity. Down below are mentioned factors which played a significant role in making Miata’s history successful.


Before the launch of Miata, the global roadsters market was declining the reason of which is the British and Italian craftsmanship. Workers and product planners at Mazda were not like the ones at other companies who would have followed the trends as in those times making a two-seater was not only difficult rather near to impossible, on the contrary the company, Mazda, has been very positive with its approach of breaking the unbreakable trends and introducing their own.


Mazda had to face some other mishaps as a result of trying to multiply its sales by money-wasting tangent in order to chase the car giants of those times such as Toyota as well as Nissan. However, Mazda in tough economical times managed to make its Miata car prevail and the moment it was made public, the Miata became one of the fastest selling cars of that time, as many as that there weren’t enough trucks available to deliver the them and this impressive number os sales of Mazda not only amazed the global automobile market, even the manufacturers themselves were shocked with the demand.


At the end what else can be said to such a big car manufacturer and its Miata car, but a wish for its 25th birthday. Therefore, “HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO Mazda MX-5 Miata”

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Power and Style Awards Finalists


The most awaited and prominent show of the month is no doubt the Power & Style Awards with association of SFS performance. The Power and Style Awards are yet again back with the same great enthusiasm and to promote more enthralling among the car owners for winning the competition if they have the car who can stand out ahead of another cars. All entries are over-viewed and allowed to participate afterwards, the car freaks are thrilled about the competition and have started modifying their car with new and latest techniques.

Audience will have a lot to see with some of the world’s highly modified cars and sports car who have reach to the final spots all under one stop, certainly a treat to watch for car lovers. Spectators have already started discussions on various social networking platforms regarding the finalists of Power & Style Awards for Best and Power Car which will be investigated by a team of expert of jury members. A verdict that will make individual hard work rewarded and appraised by the jury which is indeed meritorious.  People would work hardly on engine, tires, rims, wheels, body, color, sound system and the car that will be highest rates with all these elements will certainly make their way to the top.

civicek9-1 civicek9-2 infinity1 infinity2

Among the top qualifier is Al Walker – Infiniti G35 who everyone is eying on and other is Ben Parker with Honda Civic ek9, the guy has good knowledge on car modification and has certainly proved it.



supra-1 supra2

Chris Parry has very well done justice with his car Toyota Supra and made it to stand out in the crowd.



hondaintegra-1 hondaintegra-2 toyotamr2-1 toyotamr2-2

Daniel Hayes with Honda Integra and Daniel Partner with Toyota MR2 are also impressive in the competition and can do upset, but now decision is up to the jury and still nothing cannot be said as David Wheatley with Toyota Supra and Darren Anson with his magnificent Nissan R35 GTR are promising and also favorites of the locals.


Sam_Jackson_Ford-Escort1983 Scott_Dullage_FordFiesta-MKVI Steve_Pugsley_Ford-Fiesta-MKVII

More in the list to be notice are Ford Fiesta MkVII owned by Steve Pugsley who owns the car from last year and have done incredibly meritorious work. Scott Dullage despite have Ford Fiesta MkVI has impresses and have given a tough competition other Ford Fiesta’s. The one to be notice is an eminent Ford Escort of 1983 by Sam Jackson who has put in a lot of efforts with right investment and positive approach to make it look a car that everyone wants to own.

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How to Buy Cars from Japanese Auctions & Car Dealers to Import to Canada or USA


To own a car is a long desire of almost every one nowadays and people work their way too hard just to acquire their long lasting desire of having a car of their own, basically cars in this modern time and age is not luxury any longer, rather they have become the need of almost every household there is across the globe though, luxurious cars are available too but for a person. To fulfill this desire of theirs, people are looking for ways or rather tips, that can help them get their desired cars, with due consideration, down below are 7 tips or guidelines that you would guide step by step towards buying your desired car. Continue reading “How to Buy Cars from Japanese Auctions & Car Dealers to Import to Canada or USA”